Kansas Weatherization Assistance

September 27, 2021

Weatherization Assistance

Weatherization improves energy efficiency and lowers utility bills by ensuring your home holds in heat and air conditioning while keeping hot and cold air out. Eligible households receive a comprehensive home energy audit to identify inefficiencies and health and safety concerns. Based on a home’s audit results, improvements may include:

  • Sealing of drafts and air leaks, caulking doors, and windows, weather-stripping
  • Testing, cleaning, and repairs of heating and cooling systems and water heaters
  • Adding insulation to ceilings, walls, floors, and foundations
  • Lighting, refrigerator, and fan upgrades

All services and upgrades are provided free of charge by certified energy auditors and a network of professional crews and contractors.

For more information on eligibility, contact North Central Regional Planning Commission at 800-432-0303 or online at https://www.ncrpc.org/services/housing/weatherization/

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